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Driven By Passion

Lords Restaurant Complex Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka


A very warm welcome to Lords in Negombo. Celebrating our 20th year Anniversary we take great pride in Our Contemporary Uniqueness, attention to small details and being different from our competition. We are an extremely busy Restaurant Complex and famous worldwide through Trip Advisor and other Travel Guides, because we do care about our quality policy and customers.

a smile goes a long way..

Our Passion

Driven by Passion, the Lords Team have been carefully selected and trained to value OUR customers and always try to provide a personal and professional service. Through OUR Passion in what we do makes us different and show OUR customers we do really care about your experiences with us. Our food is created with Passion and Love and delivered from the heart.

Our Dedication

We are a team of 45 professional people who are dedicated to put a smile on your face and give you a magical experience to provide you with lasting impressions of your experience at Lords Restaurant Complex in Negombo and Sri Lanka forever.

Meet Our Team

Martin – Our Colourful Owner

Naresh – General Manager

Chef Dinesh – Executive Chef

Chef Shanaka – Kitchen Manager

Nivantha – Food & Beverage Manager

Chef Lahiru – Kitchen Supervisor

Thanujan – Food & Beverage Supervisor

Ajith – Food & Beverage Supervisor

Jude – Supervisor

Our Lords Family

"Over 2500 Employees Trained Over The Last 20 Years"

We pride ourselves on training and the development of all employees. We have been responsible for developing and training over 2500 employees over the last 20 years. We select from all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka and also from remote villages.

Get To Know About Lords Restaurant

Our Customers

Every customer has different tastes, special requirements, and needs. We are aware that small details do matter and with your communication to our Lords Team and Managers at the beginning and during your experience with us we will attempt to make you feel special and you leave with perfect memories

Our Service

Our Service is designed to be professional, informal but personal. The owner wishes every visitor to Lords Restaurant Complex in Negombo to feel in their hearts that they are entering his home as his personal guests and made to feel SPECIAL.

Our Standard

We go to extreme measures to maintain a very high standard of Health and Hygiene throughout all departments in our company to ensure customer satisfaction and safety at all times.

Our Values

Lords Restaurant Celebrates 20 years of operations in Negombo Sri Lanka. The previous Honorable President Mahinda Rajapaksha officially opened Lords Complex a Board of Investment and Tourist Board approved project on 30th May 2004. Martin Fullerton the Founder of The Hope Foundation said “As the owner of Lords Restaurant Complex in Negombo and traveling to Sri Lanka for over 30 years, as an animal lover it deeply saddened me every day to observe the desperate situations that face all street dogs and cats across the whole country of Sri Lanka.

Lords Restaurant has for the last 20 years taken its Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and funded ALL the work The Hope Foundation carried out and responsible for re-homing 100 ’ s of dogs and cats to the community and saving thousands of animals lives in Sri Lanka through an effective sterilization and education program. PROUD to be an Investor in People & Animals in Sri Lanka for over 20 years.


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